How Netflix Has Affected Today's Society

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In today’s society, many people might say that watching TV means sitting down and watching a full season, or two, within days. Since the creation of Netflix, people have turned towards streaming videos online, rather than turning on the cable and watching TV with the commercials. Though Netflix has affected the way people socialize, there are many perks to the popular app. For example, it allows people to watch their favorite shows without the interruptions, saves families money, and the apps are available on all mobile devices. Although today's society still watches cable tv, popular apps such as Netflix, have changed the ways society watches tv in a positive way.
Netflix has opened up opportunities such as binge watching. Reports have …show more content…

Unlike any other media, the TV industry has grown dramatically throughout the U.S households. A concept known as TV Everywhere, is a model for the cable systems that offer online television programs for free with an authentication that the subscriber has paid their monthly fee. Users can access their subscription through the Xfinity portal or the web, with the proof of their subscription (Waterman, David). The growth of films and television shows are becoming more consumed on the digital platforms. Exploring the delivery of cinema within households, is alternating the concepts of spectatorship. Many media companies have been creating models that engage viewers in order to sell the mobile technologies. Companies often do this by promoting “platform mobility.” This term refers to the ability to start watching a show on one device and finish it on another device. Even though it is very difficult to measure the use of the “platform mobility,” the use of the mobile devices impact cultural imagination. Since the mobile technologies can be liberating, they must be put to use in a way that is normal, including advertisements (Tryon,

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