How New Ideas And New Technology Has Brought Smaller Powers

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History has shown how new ideas and new technology has brought smaller powers together that were shaded in darkness and blended them together into one super power that came into the light. Just as the original 13 colonies set aside their differences in religion, and creed to come together and fight for their new idea of independences from under the crown, cultures from around the world have been doing the same utilizing todays technology. The concept of a global village is something that is defined in grey. As Barnlund suggests, its not just takes in to account people inside a spastic country but in all countries living together in either peace or war on this earth. As Barnlund states, “Each new stretching of human sensitivity and loyalty has taken generations to become firmly assimilated in the human psyche. And now we are forced into a quantum leap from the mutual suspicion and hostility that have marked the past relations between peoples into a world in which mutual respect and comprehension are requisite” (48). Barnlund is stating that as we grow closer and closer to the idea of a global village, it is hard for unto get along and live in peace and will be even harder to do so with the advancement of technology. Technology has helped advance the progress and speed of growth of the global village idea and practice in both good and bad ways. It has helped show the good in mankind, but also has distorted those images of mankind and humanity to show what appears to be the…
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