How New Media Can Not Be Easily Defined And The Term Changes Daily

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New Media cannot be easily defined and the term changes daily. It involves anything that is related to the internet and the relationship between technology, images, and sound. It is something that is vastly used in our generation and used throughout the world. New media has completely changed the way people lived and continues to evolve daily. Before there was ever a term called new media, old media or print media was flourishing in our society. Print media includes anything light and portable from books to newspapers to magazines, and could be published once, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It was a great stepping stone for the new media, even though they are contrasts of one another and competitors today. However, it seems like the new media is dominating, and is causing the old media to suffer. New Media is basically anything that involves the internet and World Wide Web, and an interaction between technology, images, and sounds. They are “forms of communicating in the digital world, which includes publishing on CDs, DVDs and, most significantly, over the Internet. It implies that the user obtains the material via desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets” (PC Mag). It is an on-demand type of access, in which any content could be viewed anywhere or anytime, as long as there is some sort of digital device. There is a brief timeline in which different parts of new media were used. It all started around 1993 when web pages were created. A year later, Yahoo! was…
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