How New Technology Impacts on Dry Bulk Terminals

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Abstract The evolution of new technology has impacted drastically on the design and layout of bulk terminals. This has led to the massive turnaround of port operations. Since, equipment are becoming more automated it results in quick freight management and lessens the inventory process in ports. Containerization has made the work easier and cheaper as it is easier for freight forwarders to send a wide array of commodities. Revolution in new computerized systems on vessels has led for the expansion in ports or the building of new wharves, and has also reduced traffic within berths. The new technology era has developed trade competition and high productivity levels. Essay A port is a harbour that has been developed of dock walls,…show more content…
The revolution of ports due to technology has led to the redesigning of berths to accommodate larger ships, quick vessel turnaround time and more effective dockside operations between cranes and container storage areas which lead to more productivity. With new technology ports are going beyond their own facilities to accommodate more traffic in order to maximize revenues within the distribution of freight. Larger ships require deeper waters for berthing this led to the revolutionized of port terminals. Many docks became extinct as they had no space whether land area for warehousing or deep water to accommodate modern ships. A typical example of this is docks in London England. The birth of containerized terminals and the constant increase in vessels’ sizes made it necessary for many ports to make necessary arrangements in order to adequately accommodate cargoes and the vessels. New technology had led to terminals being more equipped to essentially carry out tasks which affects the amount of cargo handled in a specific timeframe leading to high productivity and the attraction of new business opportunities. The new technology era which has impacted on vessel sizes, redesigning of terminals incurred many different benefits. Cargo handling operations had become more efficient, ship turn- around time within ports has quickened, international trade and the cost of trade has

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