How Nordstrom 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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In this report, I am researching Nordstrom in order to gain information on if this company would be a good company for an undergraduate student to complete an internship with. I plan on finding out information on topics such as company culture, financial analysis, growth, and competition. I will look deeply into the company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to learn about sustainability and potential for long-term employment.

Nordstrom is an upscale department store that places large emphasis on superb customer service, a wide selection of products and unbeatable quality. It is one of the largest shoe and apparel retailers in the U.S. with more than 115 department stores serving 36 states and serving over 96 countries online. Nordstrom also features 161 of off-price outlet stores called Nordstrom Rack and one clearance store. They have recently acquired a discount online apparel and home décor boutique, Hautelook, and operate a few small specialty boutiques, Jeffrey’s. Nordstrom also owns Nordstrom direct which is a combination of all types of online ordering. Additionally, they own a federal saving bank, Nordstrom fsb, which offers a private label credit card, and two co-branded VISA cards. (Biesada, 2015)

Company Culture and Values
Nordstrom is a family-run company and was opened in 1901 by Bruce A. Nordstrom. Currently, the company is supervised members of the family who own nearly 25% of the company’s stock. (Biesada 2015) Nordstrom has prided
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