How North Korea became a Cruel Country

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How did North Korea become the cruel country that scorches both surrounding and distant nations with its sternly severe socialist flame? Subjugated by Japan in 1910, North Korea was mercilessly enslaved for thirty-five years. Due to Japan's defeat in World War II in 1945, the United States occupied the southern region of the Korean Peninsula while Soviet troops seized the north. As a result communism spread like weeds. Sadly, North Korea's government, military, and economy were all by shaped by the leftist views suppressed on them. The root of the problem was Kim Il-Sung, the first premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. At the urging of the United States, the United Nations General Assembly established elections, introduced a constitution, and formed the Republic of Korea in South Korea. The North Korean government evenly divides the tasks of leadership among numerous officials as this obligation requires careful attention. In accordance with their constitution, the head of government is the premier; Choe Yong-rim presently occupies this position. Specifically aiding the premier, three vice premiers and the cabinet, which is comprised of twenty-eight ministers, are next in power. The uppermost lawmaking body, the Supreme People's Assembly, elects the majority of cabinet members. The minister of the People's Armed Forces is the sole exception. He recurrently reports to Kim Jong-eun. The Korean Worker's Party is where the SPA's authority is

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