How Not Follow Copyright Law : An Exploratory Essay On Copyright And Remix Culture

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How to Not Follow Copyright Law:
An Exploratory Essay on Copyright and Remix Culture
As time goes by, the rate at which art changes increases at a seemly exponential rate. Our culture has more ways than ever to publish and distribute the things we make, and with the rise of the internet we can reach any audience with a Wi-Fi connection. This digital hyper-connectivity has led many artists to create new forms of art, some of which have gone on to start trends and cultures. One of these cultures that has become a significant part of online media is Remix Culture. The idea of taking someone else’s art and making it your own is embraced and cherished by some, and detested by others. As this genre of media has grown over the years, the line between what is and isn’t a remix has drastically blurred. Some will spend hours upon hours making a song sound completely different from its original counterpart, while others will simply chop it up and call it their own. Though laws were once effective when dealing with copyright infringement, the rate art has grown has significantly surpassed the rate at which these laws have changed. People are beginning to monetize their remixes in various ways, creating much controversy surrounding who should be getting paid, or if anyone should get paid at all. As artists, it is important to know what these laws are exactly, so we can either abide by them or find our own workarounds. As soon as a work is created in a tangible, fixed form, it is…

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