How Noyce Creates Empathy for the Main Characters in the Film: Rabbit Proof Fence

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Rabbit Proof Fence is a great film based on the real tale and experiences of three young Aboriginal girls, Molly, Gracie and Daisy, who were taken against their will from their families in Jigalong, Western Australia in 1931. The film puts a human face on the "Stolen Generation", an event which categorized links between the government and Aborigines in Australia for a lot of the 20th century. The opening sequence of the Rabbit Proof Fence introduces you to the Aboriginal people. The scene begins with white writing on a black background which informs us of the situation in Australia in 1931 and the effects it has had in Australia. This is followed by an aerial shot of Australia?s desert which is hot, vast, desolate and has no…show more content…
The scene?s atmosphere then changes to introduce Riggs. This is signalled by being able to hear the wind blowing to symbolise trouble coming. Riggs is wearing a uniform and shoes and carrying a gun which shows he is superior. The effect of him being greater is also achieved by the low angle shot and, for the first time in the film there are diegetic sounds. In the next scene, Mr Neville authorises the removal of the girls from Jigalong. There is a low angle shot of Neville and there is low key lighting which makes Mr Neville looks saintly yet sinister. He seems efficient and cold hearted. The scene then switches back to Jigalong. Riggs arrives in a car which is odd to the girls, who may have never seen a car, are then taken by Riggs. There is a build up of dramatic irony as Riggs approached the girls. The women realise Riggs is there to take the girls to Moore River and begin to run. Riggs captures the girls and shuts them inside the car. The women then beat the glass of the car with their hands, even though they can?t connect through the glass. This evokes fear and sorrow in the audience. The girls then go on a train to reach Moore River. They are in a cage and there are bars on the window, it seems like a prison. They seem disoriented and traumatized from there facial expressions. The girls then arrive at Moore River. At Moore River, there is an inspection. Mr

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