How Nurses Can Best Support Patients With Patients

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Estimates are that 20-50% of patients do not adhere to prescribed medication regimens and that this nonadherence may be responsible for up to 10 percent of all hospitalizations.1 Preparing patients to manage their medications upon returning home from the hospital is a critical component to illness management and preventing readmission to the hospital. Patients who report they are unprepared to care for themselves after discharge from the hospital are likely to be readmitted.2 Readmission to the hospital is associated with increased cost,3 and increased risk for mortality4. Thus, understanding how nurses can best support patients to self-manage their medications is imperative.
To prepare patients for self-management requires nurses to effectively communicate with patients. Such communication includes both verbal and nonverbal communication that engages patients in self-care planning and allows healthcare providers to better understand patients and how they will best integrate prescribed treatments into their lives outside of the hospital. Effective communication involves good listening skills and explaining things in a way that patients can understand. Understanding how patients’ perceptions of these nurse communication behaviors are associated with patients’ ability to care for themselves after they leave the hospital is critical.
Effective communication between patients and clinicians is associated with positive patient outcomes, including patients’ ability to recall…
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