How Nurses Can Improve Self Care Maintenance With Pets And Sleep

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How Nurses can Improve Self-Care Maintenance With Pets and Sleep There is no denying that the profession of nursing is considered challenging. From the first day of nursing school, throughout their career, nurses are told how difficult, yet rewarding, their chosen profession is. The care, consideration and work ethic that goes into any medical profession is evident, but with nursing there’s seems to be a little more. Whether it be the fact that nurses have more interaction with the patients, or that nurses are taught on a holistic model, the stories of nurses’ dedication are never ending. In the midst of patient advocacy and representation, it is no wonder that nurses often lose sight of themselves. The stress stars in nursing school, continues throughout their career, and seems to be constantly present in a nurse’s life. Nurse’s often struggle with addiction and substance abuse because of the high amounts of stress and lack of self-care. It’s ironic that in a profession that educates and promotes self-health, that these lessons are often disregarded by the nurses themselves. In this paper I am going to discuss the necessity of self-care maintenance in nursing school and my later nursing profession by utilizing proper sleep as well as owning a pet. How do I Define Self-Care? Self-care can come in many different forms and is incredibly subjective. The way that I manage my time, spirituality, inter-personal relationships, school, homework, etc. are all concepts of self-care
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