How Nutrition Impacts Child Development

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This inquiry topic focuses on how nutrition impacts child development. Nutrition is one of the key factors of development. This topic would fit under Bronfenbrenner’s microsystem level. Nutrition directly deals with the child. Good nutrition has an impact on a child’s development.
Providing programs and information about nutrition will teach parents how important nutrition is for a child. One of the problems with keeping good nutrition is that agriculture is decreasing. Urbanization is rising, creating less land space, threatening water resources and causing concern for food safety. The study came up with two nutrition-sensitive programs to show the impact of good nutrition.
One program will specifically address what immediate elements determine a child’s nutrition and development. A child’s nutrition and development depend on, “adequate food and nutrient intake, feeding, caregiving and parenting practices, and low burden of infectious diseases” (, 2013, August 16). The second program deals with the underlying factors that determine a child’s nutrition and development. The underlying determinants are, “food security; adequate caregiving resources at the maternal, household and community levels; and access to health services and a safe and hygienic environment—and incorporate specific nutrition goals and actions” (, 2013, August 16). By spreading information about nutrition it will show low-income families that health and child…
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