How Nutrition Impacts Physical Performance

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Nutrition and Physical performance
Summary Instructions:
1. This is an assignment which carries marks which add to the course work of MED106
2. This assignment is expected to be completed before the end of the course (14. 4.2016). You may do it during your spring break.
3. Write a 500-1000 word essay on nutrition and physical performance. Your essay should cover the following objectives listed below.
4. Use appropriate illustrations, tables etc as necessary. Please add the bibliography at the end of the essay.
5. It will be checked for plagiarism so write in your own words.
6. Upload the word document when you are ready but before the deadline. It will not be accepted after the deadline which is 18 April 2016
6. You can resubmit if you wish
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Describe muscle fiber types and activity.
2. Discuss muscle fuel stores and fuel metabolism during exercise (aerobic and anaerobic metabolism), role of Creatine phosphate, Glycogen and Fatty acids.

Part B: Sports nutrition
3. Define sports nutrition and discuss nutritional needs of athletes.
4. Explain how nutrition impacts physical performance (short term and long term effects).
5. Explain the importance of adequate hydration and electrolytes for optimum physical performance.
6. Discuss common dietary supplements used to enhance physical performance (does the use have a scientific basis?)

Part C: Long term health effects of physical activity
7. Describe the role of physical activity in reducing health risks (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis)
8. Describe physical activity recommendations and how to assess physically activity.
9. Make recommendations for the young adults of your age group 18-27 so that they can get adequate physical activity
10. Suggest appropriate diet for a young adult 18-27 years old so that the diet matches the recommended physical activity.
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