How Obama Care Affects The Average Person

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Some of the positive things of Obama care that affect the average Person is that insurance companies and how they are no longer allowed to deny a person Coverage for having a pre-existing condition. It also takes away annual and lifetime Limits. Another positive aspect is that it allows children to stay on their parent’s Insurance until they are twenty-six years old. That allows young adults to attend college without worrying about getting themselves health insurance. It provides Millions of Americans with access to preventative and wellness services with no Out of pocket costs. Obama care enacts the 80/20 rule that requires health insurance Providers to spend at least 80% of their income on health and marketing expenses or it must be…show more content…
An addition to Those young adults can stay on their parent’s insurance plan until they are 26. That has also been an awesome improvement; however some of the Negative aspects of the Affordable Care Act would be that Obama would have to get some of the money from the new taxes and most of it is coming from high earnings and the healthcare industry and majority of these taxes Affect use as individuals and employers. Also another negative part of it is that if you do not decide to go with your employers insurance or Obama care you will be penalized come time to file your taxes which is ridiculous because it is your choice As an American to receive healthcare benefits. It’s almost as if Obama is making get Health care insurance. Its also shows that the Obama care must cover sick people Which would mean that will increase some of the healthcare insurance for everyone, To make sure that people just do not buy coverage when they need it. Also Receiving the basics to the coverage or understanding what you’re getting when you are applying for may be down fall as well. Another fault would the Medicaid Expansion where the funding is coming from the federal and the state. Out of all the states all of them do not have the expanded part of Medicaid. So that some
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