How Oceanography Is An Study Of The Oceans Through Mapping And Exploring Unknown Sea Routes

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Oceanography is defined as the study of the oceans through mapping, exploring, charting, and discovery and its birth is congruent with the birth of boats and voyages. Originally, sailors and explorers would go on expeditions for mercantile purposes. However, it evolved into mapping and exploring unknown sea routes. Oceanography is a science in the essence of studying the ocean in its entirety, which is more than mapping and knowing sea routes. Oceanography contributes to the scientific community with its new discoveries and developing information, including knowledge of: currents; above water and underwater; wind patterns; chemistry of the ocean; chemistry of ecosystems; aquatic ecosystems, and how different animals interact in them;…show more content…
After the world has been pretty much mapped out Ferdinand Magellan decided to sail across state and in his voyage he was known as the first captain cruise ship made it across the world and invented the term circumnavigating. Ferdinand Magellan never lived to see his legacy or to complete his voyage but his crew that Ferdinand Magellan set for the standard when it came to charting the new sea. Even Charles Darwin contributed to early oceanography he did so in his mapping of the Caribbean back when he was on the voyage of the HMS Beagle and in mapping the Caribbean he created the theory of evolution which is known about today and used understanding of modern biology. there is a vast difference between Oh surely oceanography and modern oceanography however Early oceanographers we 're more concerned with exploration and adopted the whole Columbian Way of exploring descriptive oceanography was all about Exploring and mapping. However, today in modern oceanography they do more than just exploring and mapping: they keep track of ecosystems; they check on climate semicolon there is water in meteorology thanks to Oceanography semicolon and naturally they explore the depths of the ocean, which is something earlier oceanographer
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