How Odyssey Has Changed My Life

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I am Elektra, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.
Thousands of years has passed by since I am here. In the world of the dead, there isn’t much going on, the world is silent and dark, and there isn’t much you can do. After all these years, I’ve been here, wondering and reflecting on myself and my life. I meet new “people” here sometimes and try to communicate to them, but this is a world without sounds. My favorite thing to do would be those rare moments, the frogs apart, and I can peek through the world of living and see how much the life of people has changed. And then, I reflect because of my life. I know that the story of my family has been told by so many different people as warnings of the precedents. Odysseus has learned a lot …show more content…

And I still believe it but in a different way. Like my name “Elektra”. Who will name their child a name that sounds so familiar like “alektra”! “alektra” isn’t a nice word in Greek. It means so many negative things “bedless, unwed, unmarriageable”(Carson, 77), all those things that a normal girl deserves, and even as a privilege to choose in the world of living now. I wasn’t thinking like this. I thought I must have lived up to it—to Elektra. I remembered… remembered that once I said that I must not violate Elektra (Carson 494-95). Especially since my dear father got killed by my evil mother—my mother… I was a slave in her eyes after the death of my father. She summons me around (Johnston 881-82). Aegisthus is afraid to marry me off to someone in power that I would born a child to revenge him (Murray 7), and my dear Orestes is still in exile. I know mother Clytemnestra hated me, but she could not kill me justly because I didn’t do anything wrong. I hated her deeply before while I was alive, that I make noises. I cried, I talked, I argued, I advise the plan for Orestes to kill those two murderers of my dear father (Murray 37). Now here in the underworld, I can talk no more. Everything loses voice when they come down here. No one actually speak without a flesh body. As I said, it is quite down here. But I still believe the words are powerful, but action does more. I cannot just sit there talk and talk, cry and cry, I needed to take an …show more content…

I used to not understand. But as in almost all versions of stories you people now days might have read or heard, Orestes went crazy after the revenge. How is that? After killing the murderer of our father, he becomes all mad but not feeling relish? Isn’t that funny? I would used to think that way. Maybe because I am Elektra, the crazy Elektra I was. Now after centuries, I’ve been here reflecting on the past. Orestes is not weak nor coward. He thinks that it would be just to kill Aegisthus who took over the place of our father. But Clytemnestra, our mother that we should have not killed. It is not just, while I used to believe that it would be just. I understands her or I would be the one who can understand her closely (Murry 63-4). Since I’ve done the same as what she had done. I could understand Orestes’s madness and fear. An eye for an eye, and there would be no end. No end of killing till the end of the blood of Tantalus we bear. Should I forgive? should things be different if I had forgave our mother and had not killed her? Through the glimpse I had about the upper-world now, there is something call law and order. Even the most high ups are bid by the law. If we had it in my old days, if I could be more forgiving. Rest… my heart and my

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