How Of Conduct Modern Enterprises ' Human Resource Management

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How to Conduct Modern Enterprises’ Human Resource Management
Human resource management in modern enterprises does not mean responsibilities only for the HR Department. It is the work of the whole enterprise, especially for the senior management. Human resource management is being considered much more valuable. The nature of enterprise management is to realize a certain goal of the enterprise. It refers to activities carried out for training, exploiting, utilizing and coordinating, in virtue of limited resources. The object of enterprise management is various resources related to the targeted goal. It includes human, money, material, time and information (2003). There is not only coordinating work against limited resources but
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They are a lack of initiative to exploit human resources so as to improve enterprises’ operating performance and to promote enterprises’ sustainable development. The final goal is to realize planned human resource usage pattern and to realize enterprises’ strategic goals based on strategic human resource management (2006).
To support enterprises by human resource management Human resource management is the booster for enterprises’ long-term development. How to use human resource management to support enterprises’ strategies? Firstly, to change the positioning of human resource management. HRM needs to be improved from the lower level to the higher level. Before, HRM is to assist other departments in accomplishing certain assigned tasks. Now, it should be a weapon for enterprises to achieve competitive advantages. It is no longer an executor for enterprises’ operation strategies but participates in the decision-making process. At the same time, it can help enterprises reach competitive advantages with various designs and practices of HRM system, during the execution of the strategy. Secondly, HRM needs to change its role to serve for customers instead of still being for management administrative service. It has to set up the HRM system that aims at customers, so as to make an HR department change from a cost center to profit center. Senior HR managers
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