How Of Design Furnitures And Spaces For Small House

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How to design furnitures and spaces for small house.

In the globalization ages, all nations confronting the overpopulation problems, its may sound general while overpopulation hidden many consequence toward the livings and resources.
There can be no doubt that the supply of natural resources will be extremely lower than the demand. To elucidate further, there will be inadequate living spaces, house and home; it is supremely essential for us to live in the lovely house. Numerous people living in the urban area, metropolis because it is comfortable, living high standard, earn more income and living in the urban areas make shorten the workplace distant because a lot of work office located in the big city. Living in the city such as Bay Area and South Market street is extremely expensive, the rental pushing the middle class out of the city, “ Earning a lot of income but barely have nothing left after paying the rent in San Francisco” ( Scheinin, 2015). Some perspective may asserted that globalization ages is double edged sword because people tend to live in the urban areas are gaining higher living standard, on the other hand, they spent substantial amount of money to the houses and apartments rental while the spaces is limited. In conclusion, we spent half of our life at our home and therefore, the research paper will inform general knowledge for readers to do interior design for small spaces houses or apartments in order to cope the small urban spaces and budget. The
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