How Of Effectively Use Color On Business Proposals Essay

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How to Effectively Use Color in Business Proposals Ian Lauder By Ian Lauder Nov 7, 2011 There is much more to selecting a title page cover design than simply grabbing any design off the shelf. You have to consider the end result you want and the message you are trying to convey. Why are colors so important? Proper use of color will help shape and reinforce your message. First, from a marketing perspective, the objective of a proposal is to sell something: a product, a service, a project, your worthiness for funding, etc. Although we like to believe we are logical in our decision making, the truth is that emotions play a significant factor. Colors help shape the emotional component of your message. The colors a reader sees immediately trigger a subliminal nervous system response and create a specific feeling. Second, colors capture the reader 's attention and set up a path for the reader 's eye to follow. Our brains are not wired to immediately see and understand the words on a page. Our brains first see colors and shapes; the last thing our brains do is actually make sense of the words. This is why we use eye-catching visuals in our packaging. It 's also why the first page of your proposal (the title page cover) should always be eye-catching. You get better results when you capture a reader 's attention with color. Third, after you have created a feeling and captured the reader 's attention, you want to keep that attention. Proper use of color dramatically increases the

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