How Offspring Education Level Improve Parents ' Longevity

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3.1 Children level of education
Friedman and Mare (Friedman and Mare 2014) explained the association between how far a child goes in school and how long their parents live. They found that parents of college graduates lived about two years longer on average than those whose children didn’t graduate from high school. Education of family members is an important factor linked to the longevity of older adults in this case to their parents. According to the chart, offspring and parents obtain similar levels of schooling. Resulting that parents can impact their offspring educational outcomes. For respondent’s schooling with less than a high school diploma, an average of 18% of their
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Offspring may indirectly affect their parents’ health because parents might or might not be suffering from a health problem. In this scenario all that the offspring can do is provide their parents’ with the best possible care available. Offspring cannot influence the genes of the parents, but they can provide early treatment of their health problems. Treating a health problem at its early stages can help a person obtain more years in life. Highly educated offspring may also indirectly influence their parents’ to engage in healthier behaviors. As Morin (Morin 2014) raise the question of why do the parents of better-educated kids live longer? One reason explained that better-educated children influence their parents to adopt healthier lifestyles that will add years to their parents’ lives.
The United States is highlighted by the rapid, increasing of the older population. According to the video Living Old, those who are aged 85 and older are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population (Chapter 1). In the 30 years after the video was made it was predicted that the number of people aged 65 and older will double, making up twenty percent of the U.S. population (Living Old Chapter 1). According to the video, the population is changing in this way because medical advances have made doctors improved at treating illnesses that in the past have killed younger people (Living Old Chapter 1). This is causing older adults to require more ongoing
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