How Old Equipment from the Past Differs from Present Day Equipment

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How burning fires start, better fireproof clothing, and technology equipment changing over years prove that progress saves lives and helps structure fires. Discovering the differences between past and modern helmets, changes in turnout gear , other equipment used to fight fires, plus researching the firefighting history. In the 1600's firefighting starts with the Romans and grappled with heat, fire, and toxic smoke. Most structures demolish during the fire because the equipment inadequate enough to fight structural fires like today"s . Helmets appear around 1930; however Henry T. Gratacap designed a more modern style helmet around 1836. "The design, a reinforced dome-shape leather helmet with a front shield and brim rolling to a long back tail" (Hasenmier), which make it safe protecting the heads also firefighters use to wear a long wool fire coat, long boots, and fire helmet. John Roberts, a miner, made a mask to filter smoke from inside a smoke fill environment by 1825. (Hasenmeier). Jackets not the same firefighters wear today because firefighters never enter the structures, therefore normal clothes worn since the fighter never would come in contact with fire. The "Three-quarters" boots worn back then to protect the legs while the trench coat long enough to protect the upper part of the body. The lined wool or cotton trench coat for dryness and warmth, however made from rubber, leather, or canvas. Firemen refer to the

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