How Old Is 15?

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How old is 15? At the age of 15 you can work, begin to drive, and if you were to get in trouble with the law, you can even be tried as an adult. With that being said, one would say that at the age of 15 you have a mature mindset. Shouldn’t a person who is able to do all of these things be allowed to love whom they please?
Suppose you have a 15-year-old child and he or she wants to date someone older, much older, how would you feel? Most parents would feel disapproval of their child 's actions. Me myself, I 'm not against the situation; some may say it’s because I 'm young. The correct term for this situation is called statutory rape; others who are against it sometimes call it child pornography.
Governments do their part to end global threats to children because the abuse of a child anywhere is an offense to people everywhere. Also, there are many exciting, effective new programs to educate parents and kids and prevent child victimization via the Internet. With a variety of different things that teach children right from wrong when dealing with sex, a teen should and does know way more when dealing with it also.
You may be asking, “What exactly is statutory rape?” Statutory rape refers to sexual relations involving the age of consent. People below the age of consent cannot legally consent to having sex. That means that sex with them technically violates the law. Some teens don 't even realize that they have broken the law.
Age of consent ranges from fourteen to…
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