How On High And Not Be A Scrambled Egg

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How to Bounce high and not be a Scrambled Egg Belinda Maio Liberty University Abstract Life has the ability to take a toll on everyone. Every day people are bombarded by stressful situations. Soldiers are faced with life and death situations, Teachers are expected to make decisions that will change a child’s Destiney and the President needs to face issues like sending soldiers to war. Life is hard, but it is not impossible. In order to survive in the world people need to be able to bounce back after life knocks them off their feet. It is that simple. In order to survive a person needs to rebound back. Being able to rebound back takes resiliency, courage and faith. Only God knows how high someone will jump. It is up to the…show more content…
In order for someone to be able to pull themselves together after life has knocked them down is they need to become resilient and learn how to accept lives defeats and build from them. When a person is knocked down it is not like humpty dumpty but a building experience, a way to regroup and to fix any issues that lead to the fall and forgive not only others but forgive the person inside. Building Resiliency A key element to a person building resilience is thinking. Scientist believes that thinking triggers emotions, which then influence a person’s behavior (Mace, 2012). Sometimes when tragedy does strike people tend to think why? Sometimes a person will question if they are being punished for a bad deed. In other words people tend to over think a situation. Instead of thinking that the situation is just what it is a tragedy some people tend to either place blame or feel guilty for the tragedy? God is at times seen as a moral agent, he is blamed for things that go wrong and praised for things that go right (Grey & Wegner, 2009). God is the compass he is not the reason for anything that goes wrong. He is the one that leads a person to their calling. A calling is what drives a person to do what they do. It is the voice inside that tells someone that this is the job that they were meant to do. It is not just ministers or priests that get calling everyone has a calling
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