How One Should Make A General Confession Explanation

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Explanation The above St. Francis quote is separated into three sections: a theological, an image, and a results section. St. Francis starts the quote off with the theological section, by referring to the previous chapters of the Introduction of the Devout Life when they speak of the meditations that St. Francis has prepared. The quote is found in chapter 19 titled: “How One Should Make a General Confession.” Chapter 19 is used to, as its title says prepare for general confession. St. Francis discussed general confession as a person taking a shameless look at their entire life. In using the meditations, one prepares themselves both mentally and spiritually for taking a looking at their life. St Francis wants a general confession to not just…show more content…
Francis’ quote can easily be interpreted and used in the everyday life of a college student. That is because there is one thing for a majority of students that causes them fear, stress, anxiety, and much more, and that one thing is keeping their grades up. Walking around a campus in the final two weeks of a semester, you can hear a pin drop. Everyone is preparing for their upcoming final projects, papers, and tests. It is the most stressful time for a college student during the year. The following week may be even more stressful, once the students get their results. In receiving their grades, students are either extremely happy, content, or upset and sad. Those students who are upset and sad after getting their grades and those who can relate to St. Francis and his quote. One of the reasons I picked this quote is because I experienced the struggle of bad grades my first semester at DeSales. I failed to put the effort in and it resulted in a 2.02 GPA. That following Christmas break was one of the worst memories I have. It was filled with stress, fear, sadness, anger, and many more emotions, and I had a choice to make. It was either keep feeling this way or learn from my mistakes. Three years later, now a senior, about to graduate, and awaiting to hear about joining the MBA program, I learned a great deal from my past mistakes, and continue to improve of them to this
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