How Online Casinos Are Attracting Players With Brand New Incentives?

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Blog 21 – How online casinos are attracting players with brand new incentives?

It is modern day warfare when it comes to the online casino landscape, with the risks and rewards involved increasing on a daily basis. The go-to promotional tool for online casinos in 2015 is the ‘Welcome Bonus’, if you are a player odds are you have seen it advertised anywhere and everywhere, with some offers being more viable than others. With the ante being upped to such an extent it seems that the bonuses now take on more of a gamble than ever in the eyes of the online casinos of the world. Reason being that once taken there is the concern that players will not return. This has forced online casinos to take player retention tactics more seriously. In
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Not standing alone, EU Casino have also introduced Cash Back Windows, Happy Hour Day, and Super Roulette to give players reason to come back for more.

Eyes on the Future

When the casino bonus concept was first introduced it changed the world of online casino gaming forever. It allowed players to truly sample the gaming buffet before they signed up, now while it was novel concept in the beginning over time it has brought on its own problems. Fly by night players have become common, largely as once the initial bonus expires there was considered little reason to return. Through the development of all the above it is clear that the industry has its eyes on the future with player retention tactics. If you are looking beyond the ‘Welcome Bonus’, take the time to look at an online casino portal to see what is available to you.

Blog 22 – All Slots Casino is revamped and revitalized

It is safe to say that All Slots Casino has been around the block a few times over the years. Established all the way back in 2002, at the time All Slots Casino was truly the talk of the industry. The problem is that after peaking in the mid-2000s things began to take a downward turn. While they would always have their hardcore fan base, other users would seem to be drawn elsewhere. After spending years in the mire, it seems that All Slots Casino has decided to tear up the rulebook and start a fresh. With a new MO and a new outlook, it seems All Slots Casino has its eyes set on
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