How Online Social Networks Affect Student Reading Habits

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A study was conducted to investigate how online social networks affect student reading habits. There are three types of reading for the purpose of this study: academic reading, recreational reading, and online social network reading. The study revealed that today’s college students read less and not as well as their predecessors. Students read or skim online E-books, conduct web searches, and search online library databases more than reading traditional textbooks. They also spend more time participating in online social networks then reading books for recreation. Today’s internet technology has become ingrained in students’ everyday activities. They stay connected to each other through social networking and develop relationships. One study revealed that some students diffuse social and learning anxieties by using Facebook. Huang and Capps suggest that faculty should create course material that incorporates evolving technology and online social networks to increase student engagement and encourage students to read more traditional forms (Huang and Capps, 2013).

Huang, S., & Capps, M. (2013). Impact of Online Social Network on American College Students’ Reading Practices. College Quarterly, 16(1).

Alicia Kruisselbrink Flatt (2013) writes about six factors that contribute to mental health issues of college students. Academic pressure to be admitted to their institute of choice and maintaining their GPA. Financial burden is an issue for many students because the cost
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