How Organisms Evolved From a Common Ancestors

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One of the most important principles of biology is the main idea of evolution. This theory states, “that all living organisms have evolved from a common ancestor through natural selection acting on hereditary variation” (Reece, 2011). Many people today, know humans have evolved from a common ancestor; but they do not recognize the importance of it. Everyone should be educated about how organisms evolved because humans have evolved throughout many centuries. Charles Darwin had many theories that incorporated the main principle of biology, natural selection and evolution. Darwin explained natural selection as an evolutionary change where organisms that become more adapted to their environment will survive better than those who do not…show more content…
While Darwin was on his voyage, the Beagle, he noticed that different organisms and things vary in characteristics and their adaptations to different environments.
While Darwin was studying natural selection, he noticed that different species would have to compete for survival allowing some species to have different characteristics that help them survive and produce more offspring. These offspring traits are passed down from their parents, and it will help them become more successful in their need for survival (College, 2009). Darwin had to prove natural selection existed and how traits are passed down to offspring. He did this by the process of Pangenesis (College, 2009). Pangenesis is when each organ in the body has certain particles called gemmules. The gemmules, contain information of how each organ works; they are eventually released to the reproductive organs (College, 2009). They are passed down to the offspring from the reproductive organs. Today, Darwin’s theory is well supported because of DNA and fossil records. Charles Darwin spend most of his life focused on the theory of natural selection and evolution. This theory states that all living organisms evolved from a common ancestor (Reece, 2011). Many people know

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