How Organistaions Plan Their Recruitment Process

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Assignment. Unit 13. How organistaions plan their recruitment process To: Queen Ethelburga’s College, O2 From: Nikita Vert Date: 19/09/14 Introduction Queen Ethelburga’s is а large private school aimed mostly on boarding, it’s main objective is to educate students, realise their full potential and lead them into a good university. Each year year number of student increasing because of high school ratings and impressive exam results. O2 is a large mobile company aimed to support people with strong, reliable mobile service such as fast internet broadbands, clear and cheap calls. O2 also provides people with different mobile products such as smartphones and tablets, phone accessories and sim cards. This is official webpage of…show more content…
The main advantage of it over internal recruitment is that by recruiting people from outside the company new skills and ideas could be brought. The recruitment process consists of different stages/documents that candidates have to present and go through. It helps to find person with best fitting criteria in order to improve the productivity of whole community. O2 uses it’s own website to recruit externally new people by providing information about each different position. It also gives students opportunity to start internship or do a part-time job to get skilled and qualified in particular career with O2. As O2 is a mobile company it could send messages to their customers stating that they have a vacancy in certain sphere and invite people for interview. O2 also recruits internally by promoting certain people with a better position and salary to motivate other workers. Queen Ethelburga’s college has recruited vast majority of teachers and staff due to large increase in amount of new students and expenditure of college’s building. As the college expends and more classes are built for rising amount of students new teachers were hired externally by provided job advert on the internet, magazines or/and word of mouth. Teachers and staff must have certain qualifications and backgrounds to be allowed working with children and teenagers, and being able to carry out particular tasks. Also vacancies

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