How Organization 's Culture Affects Performance And The Overall Effectiveness Of An Organization

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Employee Relations
Over the past few decades Scholars and laymen have been focused on how an organization’s culture affects performance and the overall effectiveness of an organization. This discussion dates back to the early discussions regarding organizational culture (, 2012). In 1994, D. Dension used a survey to show how there was a direct correlation between how involved employees were and how well an organization would do financially in the future ( The day-to-day dealings in an organization has to do with the culture of the organization. Although many people use organizational climate and culture interchangeably, The Professional in Human Resources Certification Study Guide defines them both differently. The organizational climate is defined as how people feel about an organization and organizational culture is why they feel that way (Reed and Bogardus, 2012).
The culture of an organization is what the people believe in and how they navigate issues in the organization on a day-to-day basis. It is the shared beliefs of employees, how things are done, as well as their values that makes up the culture (Reed and Bogardus, 2012).
Employee Rights
When a person goes to work, they have certain rights they are afforded. These rights are the law. Employee’s rights have evolved over time through several judicial cases and common law doctrines. It is the National Labor Relations Act that gives employees the right to join unions, organize, and engage in…
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