How Organizational Behavior Will Make Me an Effective Manager.

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There are many models and concepts explained in Organizational Behavior that will influence my actions to become an effective manager. In regards to my own characteristics, I am very adaptable to work situations and I like to brainstorm various solutions to the problem. This is related to the contingency approach in which a person uses management tools and techniques in a situational appropriate manner. When a problem arises, it is vital that a manager should analyze multiple solutions and look at the situation from different perspectives. After carefully reading the situation, a manager should act accordingly based on experience, training, other role-models and prior knowledge. Therefore, the contingency approach is one of the main…show more content…
Keeping the team's spirits up is crucial to avoid project delays and maintaining team cohesiveness. Employees are the core of an organization, and strengthening that core through mentoring and coaching is essential. As a manager, I would like to be a strong mentor and coach to my employees or project team.
A brief concept that is important to remember is the five common perceptual errors that include halo, leniency, central tendency, recency effects, and contrast effects. It is important that everyone is evaluated on a fair basis, in both interviews and performance appraisals. This ties into the ethics learning module, which emphasizes ethical behavior within the workplace and legal systems. As management, you are a role-model to the workers within the organization. By practicing ethical behavior, it is likely that the employees under you will observe that behavior and incorporate it into their own. This is to prevent unethical practices that have led to drastic situations such as Enron and Worldcom.
As for goals, the concept of effective goal-setting is also important. This should definitely be taken into consideration during the first phase of any project. A project must have a detailed scope with objectives, as well as a realistic time span with deadlines and milestones. It is important to define the goal in specific detail along with sub objectives in order to have a sketch layout of how the project should be handled. Sub objectives will serve as short-term
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