How Organizational Change Triggers Emotions And How Leaders Use Emotional Intelligence

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How Organizational Change Triggers Emotions and How Leaders Use Emotional Intelligence
In today’s business world organizations are constantly forced to implement changes in an effort to grow and survive. These changing environments present new challenges and demands for everyone, from the Presidents and CEO’s to managers, to entry-level employees. With that organizational change triggers emotions within individuals that can have a negative or positive effect. With good leaders and management organizations are very likely to succeed. These leaders and managers must be honest, dedicated to the purpose, creative, fair, thoughtful, assertive, disciplined, and emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence allows individuals to recognize and control emotions, however it is important to first understand ones emotions before adventuring into others (Johnston, 2007). This essay is going to explain how organizational change triggers emotions from those who are affected by change and how leaders can use change intelligence to generate active employee participation during change.
How Organizational Change Triggers Emotions in Employees
Change is fundamentally about feelings; organizations that want their employees to contribute with their heads and their hearts have to accept that emotions are central to the new management style. Organizational change has the potential to trigger positive and negative emotions in employees depending on the factors included. Some factors consist of
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