How Organizations And Communities Influence Social Change And Affect People 's Behaviour?

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How can organisations and communities both influence social change and affect people’s behaviour? This essay will examine influences of organisations and communities in bringing about social change, tending to the consequences for individuals ' conduct, through looking at areas of management; the characteristics of organisations; formed of groups of people with shared purposes in a community. Demonstrating how, by utilising psychology to show how organisations can affect individuals conduct via the impact of taking on roles in an organisation through ’Social identity theory’. Utilising Social science to inspect how social movements include both organisations and communities to realise social change. Management is a key process in the advancement of an organisation, to comprehend this process it is first imperative to look at the strategic direction which decides what the organisation is set up to do, to then further consider its qualities in how the organisation is best structured to operate. Individuals play a key part in this, through developing relationships and utilising staff as resources. The reporting and authority structure establishes where accountable formal power is distributed amongst staff via managerial control ,who contextualize strengths and weaknesses in the goings-on between management, peer and external demands —Enabling positive outcomes for the organisations strategic direction, considering the demands and constraints that the organisation may suffer
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