How Organizations Are Assessing Gender Equality Within Their Organization Essay

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Learning Objectives Margaret agrees to be responsible for the project, knowing that in one year the organization must produce a methodology to assess job worth. The methods will need to be implemented at some future date, but the current overarching goal is to determine the process that will create equality in earning, thereby shrinking the wage gap. She begins with writing learning objectives to help the leadership team make effective and efficient decisions.
• Investigate how other healthcare organizations are assessing gender equality within their organization.
• Define and categorize female dominated occupations and male dominated occupations.
• Identify and compare gender specific wages.
• Perform job analyses on occupation groups to identify the knowledge, skills, activities, and specialties required to determine the job categories value to the organization.
Investigating the competition. While each organization may have some differences in implementing the new Act, the end result must be the same. There are several approaches that Margaret can use to inquire into SHS’s competitors. Belonging to a professional organization, such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) can be tremendously helpful when implementing new legislation. Professional organizations increase opportunities to network and connect with colleagues on both a local and national level by attending meetings, conferences, joining committees, and social media, resulting in a more
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