How Organizations Can Move Beyond The First Steps Of Corporate Change Essay

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ABSTRACT Change is best carried through by the many, not by just the hero-leader. Ten challenges to the initiation and sustaining of change are elaborated, illustrated by a rich range of case studies and supported by a practical checklist. We all know that change and innovation are of the essence for organisations today and in future. The bad news, according to Peter Senge, is that most change initiatives fail. The good news is that Senge and his co-authors think they know why and what to do about it. Senge is the guru of the 'learning organisation ' whose previous book The Fifth Discipline was hailed as a groundbreaking book about organisational transformation. Senge and his co-authors, all of them change experts, call this new book a Fifth Discipline 'resource '. The aim of the book is to show how organisations can move beyond the first steps of corporate change and sustain the momentum. The problems that cause the failure of change projects cannot be solved by more expert advice, better consultants or more committed managers, say Senge and co. They stem from our most basic ways of thinking. Unless these change, new initiatives will only produce the same unproductive types of action. The fundamental problem is that most change initiatives deal only with growth processes and not with the limiting processes. We need to change our way of thinking so that we can understand the forces that impede progress and develop strategies for dealing with them. One of the
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