How Organizations Shape the Environment

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Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS How Environments Shape the Organization Columbia Southern University MBA 6001- 10F-3B12-S2 6150-3 Dr. Betty Ross February 22, 2012 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Section 1: Defining Organizational Environment 4-5 Section 2: The Organizational Culture 5-7 Section 3: Organizational Competition 8 Section 4: Organizational Change and Development/Problem Analysis 9-10 Section 5: Stakeholders in the Organization 11-12 Section 6: Conclusion and Findings 13 Reference List 14 Executive Summary In an effort to build a winning organization that I can be proud to be a part of, I have come to…show more content…
Organizations must also address their particular strengths and weaknesses to equip themselves for long-term learning (Garvin, Edmondson & Gino, 2008). If the suggested changes that I made were adapted, there would be marked improvement. According to Senge (1990) the vision will now be shared through enrollment, commitment and compliance. In addition to shared vision, there would be an increase knowledge of sharing and communication, which in turn leads to increased flexibility, innovativeness and effectiveness (Küpers, 2004). Section 2: The Organizational Culture The expressed mission of the organization is, helping to get people off of their feet by teaching them how to be independent by learning a new skill. There are clear goals and strategies to help accomplish this mission which are demonstrated through leadership and the policies and procedures. The vision of the organization is clearly demonstrated by leaders, management support staff and others through daily interaction. The entire organization is focused on helping others heal mentally, physically and spiritually which is parallel to the foundation’s mission. By training, preparing and equipping people throughout the organization to operate in accordance with the vision and mission the desired goals can be accomplished (Blanchard & Stoner, 2004). The organization often sends its employees to conferences and seminars for training and development
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