Essay on How Ottawa Charter Can Be Applied to Binge Drinking

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1. Developing Personal Skills Developing personal skills is expanding an individual’s knowledge so that they can make wiser decisions about their health through gaining information provided and having access to the information. Developing personal skills, through attending information classes, media campaigns, and information websites can improve healthier life skills or choices for an individual influenced by binge drinking, such as thinking before they drink. Personal skills such as knowing facts about binge drinking will persuade the individual to take a better control of their problem with binge drinking and their health or to prevent it. Some areas of developing personal skills can be accessed through: -…show more content…
People in the community or group who cannot offer professional help for binge drinkers, can participate and ‘doing their bit’ for the problem of binge drinking, by organising new letters or websites to provide information and where help can be found. “Community Alcohol Action Network” (CAAN) is an organisation which has a website that gives information about alcohol, sends newsletters about how they try to stop the increasing social and environmental pressure to drink, such as complaints. CAAN has recently filed a complaint against the “Toohey’s” advertisement featuring ‘inflatable air dancers’ because the advertisement provides a strong appeal to children and adolescents that breach the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code. 4. Re-Orienting Health Services Re-orienting health services is responsible for health promotion is share among all levels of society (individuals, community groups, government) and health professionals. This allows a larger range services and facilities to be created and increases access to them. Councils and the government can provide help such as counselling for binge drinkers, pamphlets in health clinics, help lines and information on their website. These information and opportunities can be promoted so that binge drinkers can have an option on improving their health and lifestyle. In South Australia, there is a 24hour Alcohol and Drug information service: 1300

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