How Our Ideologies And Perspective Of Beauty

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How our ideologies and perspective of ‘’beauty ’’ have been distorted over time and have helped shape the western society of today
‘’The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else ’’. We live in a society shaped and conformed by our ideals of beauty; constantly having to live up to the expectations put upon us by the media, social standards and our own body image outlooks. Yet, overtime, throughout Australia’s history, the perspective on beauty has changed; from corsets, coats and fancy dresses to short skirts, red lipstick, abs and a glowing tan . The way we judge people by appearance has progressively amplified over the past two hundred years. Beauty is barely considered something held within someone anymore, and very rarely do we stop and look for it in our natural world; our society has become obsessed with ourselves. And no matter how hard we try, it seems to be that our western culture is never happy with the way we look, men, women and children alike are now seeking to be something more than what they are. But what has influenced this change, throughout our history various events, like Nazi Germany , have helped lead to the way we now perceive beauty. This essay argues that our historical perspectives of beauty have helped shape the western society of today.
Beauty, beauty is a word that defines us all, a word that is formed by the misconceptions of our society, yet a word that has changed with our perspectives
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