How Oxford Has Coped with the Demands of Modern-Day Tourism

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We shall see in this essay how a city has coped with the many demands of modern-day tourism and maintained its position as a Mecca for millions of travelers. “Today’s travel and tourism industry has grown into a global economic powerhouse whose combined direct and indirect impact on the world economy is enormous, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).”. ( Fuller,2014)
Fodor’s travel guide says Oxford has perhaps “the most famous university in the world”. Since Oxford University can traces it routes back to 1167 the city has been attracting people from across the globe for centuries. The history of the city, largely forged by the university, has led to the need for other inter-related services notably in accommodation, transportation, travel organisations and the development of other destinations. Both public and private sectors have responded to the challenge.
In the City of Oxford there are many examples of hospitality and tourism, as seen by the constant stream of visitors who crowd its streets at weekends throughout the year, striving to get the best view of the historic number of colleges protruding onto every street. This is Oxford’s prize possession that sets it apart from other destinations in the UK and the world. However there are sub sectors that play a big part in Oxford. One of the largest examples is the popularity and growth of the accommodation sector, more specifically hotels. This essay will evaluate the Randolph Hotel in Oxford in

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