How Parents How Expensive Raising A Child

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1. If I could choose one piece of important information to give to individuals who are considering becoming a parent the knowledge I would provide them with is explaining to the parents how expensive raising a child is (In-class discussion 08/27/15). First, they would need to start saving their money. An infant can add up to 241,000 (Holden 2015). I would explain to the parents all of the first year expenses related to having a newborn baby (Holden 2015). Second, they would need to start purchasing diapers, formula, and etc. before the baby arrives (In-class discussion on 09/03/15). Third, they need to set up a bed for the infant to take home to sleep in (In-class discussion on 09/03/15). I choose this piece of important knowledge because this will benefit the parents to know how much they need to save before considering having a baby.
As discussed in class on 09/03/15, I think after the knowledge of a parent knows how expensive becoming a parent this helps the parent perform variety of tasks towards becoming a parent. I think it is important to tell all individuals who want to become a parent that becoming a parent is rewarding and at the same time hard work and very expensive. Finally I think teaching them about the expenses on being a parent will help them succeed at becoming a parent and learn how to enjoy being a parent so they will not be stress out about money situations and enjoy the beautiful pregnancy.
2. If I could give one piece of important knowledge to…
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