How Parent's Religious Affiliation Affects the Way

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Parenting methods have been affected by numerous factors over the years. Parenting is something that is obviously successful or in the worst case, has failed miserably! We found that the parents' religious affiliation affects the way they raise their children. "The particular theologies theory posits that different religious affiliations put varying efforts into emphasizing family-formation strategies" (Pearce 2002: 325). Religious affiliations, inspired parents to be fervent on implanting strong morals, maintaining close relational ties within their family, and encourage positive community involvement with their particular religious affiliation. Parent's religion motivates parents to avidly implant morals in their children through…show more content…
Furthermore, discipline doesn't always have to be punishing a child; sometimes it is simply instructing and guiding them as to what choices to make, so that they don't have to be disciplined when they find themselves at a crossroad and they end up on a road that isn't very beneficial. "If parents focus on making their children knowledgeable on the `space between places' in social relations-not on individuals or families or particular institutions, but on the space where these important social bodies intersect, they will help their children avoid bad decisions (Schweigert 1999: 170)." Conservative Protestant parenting literature suggests that training children in the virtues of obedience is the first step toward their worldly success and eternal salvation, while neglect of this gradual obedience training may ultimately result in the burden of failed parenting, and it also will have detrimental affects on the children. One issue that could be researched further is how "the global values of obedience and autonomy may hold divergent meanings for different segments of the
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