How Patience Can Be Considered An Act Of Kindness

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With the role models I have, my parents, I was taught a great number of things. One of them was how to be initially kind. In reflection of my life with them, their embodiment of kindness has guided me through my adolescent life and well into my adult life. Everything that I am, I have learned through watching my parents interact through the society around them. In the following section, I will discuss how patience can be considered an act of kindness, as well as omitting the facts to save a loved one’s sense of self and reputation and how one woman sacrificed her personal space to make sure those she cared about around her were comfortable. Furthermore, the kindness shown to me through my parent’s greetings and goodbyes and a quote from my…show more content…
Hamrick, Hamrick supports my father’s actions by saying one can be kind through acts of omission. This is exactly what my father did for me in this job mix up. The interpersonal relationship I have with the collective that is my parents has shaped my view on society when I was younger and as an adult. Erving Goffman in his Relations in Public text, spends a whole chapter on that of the territories of self. While proxemics describes personal space to be a marker from .1 to 1.5 ft and social distance to range from 4 to 12 feet, Goffman would say that those areas are not so clearly defined as personal space can be ever changing. I would argue that this personal space can be something much larger, a home. When a person is within their house, everything is theirs. In the case of roommates, some people feel violated just knowing there is something else in the house not living there even if that person was invited over. This possibility of a person feeling this violation grows larger as time passes. Why would someone put themselves in the position to have their personal space violated, in this case personal space being a house? What if the reason this violation is tolerable because it is inferior to the possible act of kindness that it is presenting? This example is why I believe my mother has shown me how to be kind through sacrifice. My mother sacrificed her own personal space, her home, to invite relatives to

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