How Peaceful Resistance To Laws Positively Impacts Society

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Peace progresses with civil disobedience Peaceful resistance to laws positively impacts a free society. It has a positive impact to a free society because most people would generally oppose taking the consequences for an unjust law, calling it absurd. By demonstrating to a society that you can make a difference by remaining peaceful to remove an unjust law, you will likely gain followers. This is good because one individual isn?t enough to change a law by protesting. Instead, a group or community can eventually make a difference to removing or altering unjust laws by performing civil disobedience. Peaceful resistance to laws positively impacts a free society because people will realize they can successfully remove or alter unjust laws by grouping up and peacefully protesting the law while at the same time, accepting their consequences. Even if it does not work for the first attempt, society knows you can always retry it a variety of times to make a widespread national big deal out of it. For example, Rosa Parks civilly disobeyed the unjust law of segregation by not removing herself from her seat for a white man. Although she didn?t…show more content…
At the same time, also knowing you and/or your peaceful protesting group was causing no conflicts or violence unto society. It positively impacts society because because it? in everyone?s knowledge that it takes a long time to remove or alter unjust laws by using civil disobedience. In this case, you logically would not want to cause any violence to get in trouble to ruin the cause/movement you?re fighting for. By not complying with an unjust law, you are being morally correct and not acquiescing to the oppressor, which is the state oppressing their unjust law or laws. Staying silent to unjustness and giving in to an oppressor makes you just as evil as the
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