How People Perceive Differently

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Many people perceive thoughts differently because they all have different view of the world. After reading the text, Communications in a Changing World, I learned how people can interpret things differently. There are steps of perception everyone goes through which includes interpretation, selection, and organization. As I showed a picture to three different people, they all had different words that described the picture and this explains how people perceive thoughts differently. Everyone in life has different views of the world because of their experiences and beliefs. People went through many obstacles in life which alters their belief system. Once their belief system has been constructed, they are in a habitual cycle which makes…show more content…
However, Jimmy did not use any words that were stereotypical. He only used words that described the person's actions. By this analysis, people perceive differently by the way they operate their views and belief system. People tend to cooperate by approximately determining their belief system and that is how they feel comfortable as the author states, "we often put ourselves in familiar situations, see the same patterns, and focus on the same senses in ways that are predictable and comfortable" (Dobkins, pg.73). People may perceive differently by how they feel at the exact moment of time. When shown the picture if the person is at a negative state, they will look for negative words. When the person is in an excited or happy state of mind, they will look for words that are more positive. Although media repetition may alter one's mind about views of different nationalities, a person's state can distract how they analyze things of this world. For example, a person in a good state may present happier motives and bring excitement and joyful emotions to the table. However, a person with a negative state of mind may extract bad energy that may bring people around them down. A person's state may alter how they perceive things differently. Jimmy and John may have used more positive words because they may be in a positive state of mind at the moment. However, David may have been in a negative state of mind at the moment he
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