How People See Jesus Christ

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In this week 's essay we will review how people see Jesus Christ because everyone does not see him like we do. Some only acknowledge him as a good man who want to do good deeds for his heavenly father. Others have said, that he was just another prophet sent by God to the earth. I view him as the son of the living that gave his life for me and the world. Everyone that do believe in Jesus Christ, but everyone believes in a high power? In my life I have been blessed to talk with many different types of religion. Everyone one may have their own opinion. This one guy I spoke with a few years ago was heavily involved in the satanic occult. His view for Christ seems to be very bashful at first. When he became more comfortable with me he begins to open up his mind and expressed how he really felt. Jesus to him was a made up name that was passed down from one generation to the next. He felt that our Christ was a joke and used a name like Jesus to control minds to keep people in check. He was just another person that people use to cover up their guilty conscience. He said to me,” how can you pray to a God that you cannot see and to the same God that kept your people enslave for four hundred years. Why would I serve a God that get his glory through taking people lives? Why should I care about him when he does not care about me? He said that I was a joke and Jesus Christ was too. This winter, my wife and I was doing some upgrades in our kitchen. A devoted muslin was my wife chose to
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