How People Should Not Choose 'Made in China'

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“Made in China” nowadays is the most worldwide recognizable label. Since 70 decades the 1970s, the Chinese economy has been performing dramatically, plus with the support of Globalization and overseas outsourcing waves, “Made in China” has been becoming a global empire. The goods manufactured in China are known as variable, updated, and above all, affordable products. However, many people, including me, have starting doubting the quality of cheap import, typically “Made in China” products. My concern has been increasing since 2008, when I was in college in VietNam. My friend studying Public Health in Tianjin had to take a urine test several days because she drunk milk everyday, after a “Dirty Chinese milk” had been exposed bad milk…show more content…
trade deficit with China cost 2.8 million jobs between 2001 and 2010” by Robert E. Scott, the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Research. His research provides a lot of remarkable data that shows how Chinese imports displace American jobs. For instance, he points out that the dramatic growth of US-China trade deficit has been one of the primary factors contributing to the crisis in U.S. manufacturing employment. The trade deficit over the last decade has replaced 2.8 millions million American jobs, in which 1.9 millions million were in the manufacturing industries. Noticeably, the Chinese currency has been manipulating is valued lower than it should be, in order to increase the competitive advantage of Chinese cheap-price goods. Besides, Chinese government has been issuing some illegal policies or regulations to compete unfairly with American goods, such as labor abuse or environment damage. Some other reasons are counted to point out how illustratehow cheap imports from China harm the American economy, in which China has broken its promises to attend the WTO. Scott concludes that the deficit caused by the trade with China has been replacing millions American jobs, increasing the national depth, decreasing the export capacity, and making more macroeconomic problems. Moreover, I think that moving blue-collar jobs abroad can support
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