How People Struggle With A Child 's Home And Neighborhood

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book how people struggle with that thin line and how the battle of living that way usually never ends for most people. Because of that constant ring of being on and off of welfare parents are forced to live in UN ruling neighborhoods and use UN reliable child care. The effects of doing this have a drastic result of the children living in the situations that they have no control over.
Gould and glad discuss the unreeling effects living this way has on children stating. “- Two of the five leading causes of death among children over one year old, injuries and homicide, are closely connected to characteristics of a child’s home and neighborhood. “The fourth key goal is to stabilize living situations. Without housing subsidies, low-income families may have to struggle to pay rent, or rely on shelters and the couches and floors of a series of family members and friends. Such families are continually at risk of having to move. High levels of mobility— and housing insecurity more generally—can heighten stress and undermine physical and mental health”(136) Another point Gould and Glied point out is that most of these homes that these children are living in will have dangerous amounts of lead, and mold or a lack of proper plumbing. Which are all not just dangerous but can cause long term effects on the child’s physical health.” Environmental toxins in a child’s home, such as mold or lead paint, can cause diseases and disabilities. Poor housing conditions may also cause family stress…
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