How Personal Can Ethics Get? Essay

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BUS 520- Leadership and Organizational Behavior Professor Rebecca Letellier How Personal Can Ethics Get? Nekisha Adekoya 1. Discuss how personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics. Personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics by the perception of the individuals in high management and all those working in the organization. All individuals have their own interpretation of what the rules are and the ethical climate of the organization. This is further explained by the Stages of Moral Development as described in Chapter 2 of the text. For example, an individual in the obedience and punishment orientation will perceive things differently than an individual in the social contract…show more content…
3. Discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing. The ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing are that she is aware of some very unethical behavior displayed by Mr. Waters. They are many and they range from small infractions such as taking extra days off work to the major infraction of requiring kickbacks. All of the infractions constitute stealing from the company and/or directly violating company policy. One specific Wesson’s policy clearly states “Personal payments, bribes or kickbacks to customers or suppliers or the receipt of kickbacks, bribes or personal payments by employees are absolutely prohibited”. Valerie is now aware of this major infraction and due to her personal beliefs and moral values, she struggles with the fact that her personal situation does not allow her to respond appropriately. She fears that if she reveals what is going on and Mr. Waters is fired, it could affect her employment status and possibly her immigration status. Valerie also struggles with the fact that she is obligated by the company policy to report this behavior. At this time she decided not to tell, and save herself. 4. Recommend what Valerie should do. Provide a detailed explanation. Valerie should request a meeting with the company CEO. She should go to him prepared with all the evidence she has. She should clearly state that Mr. Waters is doing things that violate

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