How Personal Responsibility, Self Sufficiency, And Citizen Leadership

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In The Other Wes Moore, two kids with the same name were raised at the same time in the same poverty, drug, and crime stricken area. They both struggled in school and both had early complications with the law. Yet both men took extremely different paths for their futures. One Wes Moore went on to become a scholar, a decorated veteran, and a successful business leader. While the Other Wes Moore went on to serve a life sentence in prison. The book shares many examples of how personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, and citizen leadership can easily help shape and change the course of someone’s life path with only one simple decision. Expressing the importance of knowing the difference between right and wrong, and how only individuals determine their future with their own good or bad choices. Also showing that even one mistake can either advance you or delay you in self improvement, but also showing that you cannot truly achieve with out experiencing a few failures first. But as a person you should not let your failures define you, you should learn from them and have a positive out look so you can continue to move forward.
Just recently starting a new life as a college freshman, four hours away from the life I knew for eighteen years. Only less than two months in to my freshman year, I have already begun to truly understand personal responsibility. Having the ability to take care of ones self with out relying on anyone else for guidance or for permission. As a college

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