How Personal Responsibility Will Lead to My Success Essay

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How Personal Responsibility Will Lead to My Success

Personal responsibility means to me holding yourself accountable for not only the successes in your life but also your downfalls. If a person can do this they will not only be successful in their education but in their careers and life in general. Even though some people who lack personal responsibility do just fine in life, personal responsibility will lead to my success in and beyond school because it gives me the confidence to succeed, and will lead to a better life for my family and me.
Now as to my approach for this paper I am writing this essay according to The Descriptive Essay (2011), "The descriptive essay is a genre of essay that asks the student to describe an object,
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Personal responsibility also gives myself no one else, or anything else to blame for my short comings when my procrastination comes up to bite me in the butt. Procrastination is still a major factor I am working on improving day to day. It has always been something that I have had to make a conscious effort to avoid and improve upon. If I am able to conquer that downfall I believe there is nothing that will be able to stop me in gaining my degree and moving onto a career that I will love to do. Another effect of being personally responsible is that it will lead to success in my career. The first thing that will contribute to this is that personally responsibility will have led to my success in school giving myself a foundation to succeed in my career of choice. The tools that it taught me in school can also be implemented in the work place. Being able to utilize these same methods that helped in school are an invaluable tool to also being able to succeed in the workplace, not only in getting a job, but maintaining a job and moving up within the chosen career path. Lastly personal responsibility will allow me to better provide for my family giving us a better life. All my previous points about being personally responsible in school and work all lead into this final point that it will give my family and myself a better more secure life. Now some people in this world lack personal responsibility and do just fine, but what is the
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