How Personality Can Affect The Performance Of Teams

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This essay aims to analyse how personality can affect the performance of teams. This essay will also explore various theories relevant to personalities and will assess how different personalities can be beneficial in increasing team performance as well as any disadvantages. This essay will also explore how personality can affect the inter-personal relationship between team members. Personality can influence team performance in both a positive and negative way, Company X 's understanding of personalities in teams will help them comprehend the processes that their own marketing team may go through and in the future help them choose team members that have personalities that may positively influence team performance. According to Costa et…show more content…
Openness to experience refers to people who are 'curious, original, and broad-minded ' (Van Veina, and De Dreu, 2010) as well as people who 'reflects intellectual, cultural, or creative interests ' (Driskell et al., 2006, p.254), people who are very open to experiences tend to be more cooperative and tolerant and flexible, they are able to accept change which can lead to an open atmosphere in teams which may allow team members to feel more confident in putting forward ideas. People who are not open to experiences are less flexible and don 't appreciate change as much, if this trait is common in a team it could lead to more disputes or a very closed minded approach to a task. However, other models used to asses personality traits within teams exist such as the Team Diversity Personality (TDP), 'which is a team’s mean level on a particular personality trait or set of personality trait ' (Neumen et al., p.31), this would be useful to company X as it would help them analyse which personalities dominate most in certain teams. This model is an average and so takes into account any extreme personalities in a team, it must also be noted that while personalities are usually reoccurring sometimes personalities that are not usually displayed, may become evident in certain situations for example, a person who is usually not conscientious may become more conscientious in order to complete an important task.
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