How Personality Conflicts And Individual Differences Had Affected Our Final Delivered Product

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In my analysis of the “Jieliang Phone Home” case group project, I am going to focus on how personality conflicts and individual differences had affected our final delivered product. Using research and analysis of the faults in my group, I am going to show that lack of communication, dysfunctional conflicts and more, has caused our group to underperform. Research showed that traits of the “big five” has a different influence on team performance. The relationships between traits like agreeableness and conscientiousness are highly important for teamwork environment and these relationships will help to understand what actions are harmful for team performance and what team environment is desired to maximize team performance. The research helped…show more content…
The first time the group met was just after we were divided into groups. This meeting was to set up goals and discuss how we are going to handle this case. The second meeting was after all team members read the case and we were meeting to divide work and set responsibilities for each group member. The third meeting was after the class in which we got further instructions on what the professor is looking for in our presentations and reports. In this meeting, we have set new responsibilities and divided new responsibilities for each member. The fourth meeting was during reading week where each team member uploaded his part of the project and we went through what should we add or remove from the project. The fifth and last meeting was on the last weekend before handing in the project and it also was the day where the video was prepared (See Exhibit 2). Between meetings the group communicated through GroupMe app and shared files through Google Drive and Google Mail (Gmail). Firstly, examining the nature of the meetings and the communication between the group members will help to understand what factors have limited the team’s performance. The main factor that had a negative effect on the team performance was the communication process. During and between meetings, the discussion was led by students 4 and 5. Early in the group work, new ideas that were presented by students 1, 2 and 3 were denied by students 4 and 5. This type of incidents that had
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